1-remote desktop connection. can't connect to windows running windows XP home
  nor to Vista Home * but you can connect from them to other windows versions.
  This new version seems to be able to connect to win 08.  but it doesn't say 
  how much it costs, it lets me download the client onto my desktop
  but i don't know what it will cost. it doesn't say that it is free.
  It did not load for me cause it requires and intel based mac shich I guess
  we don't have at Stanford.

2-VNC Ultra VNC on windows, then a vnc viewer on the mac, this does not
  run on windows 2008!!

3-there is yuuguu  can go both ways mac to pc and pc to mac. Yuuguu
  can make the remote control easy, it costs $139 per license per year.
  so there needs to be a license on the pc and the mac. if you use
  more than one mac you need another license for each mac, and if coming
  from home you need one there too.

4-LogmeIn Pro and LogmeIn free, free just allows you to  do stuff on
  the remore host. No file transfer or sharing, no printing, no sound, no
  sharing another user,  free is a no-charge remote access solution.
  this looks very promising!!! I will try this on my own computer at
  home to see if I can control it from work.
   go here: https://secure.logmein.com/welcome/documentation/EN/pdf/Free/LogMeIn_Free_UserGuide.pdf 
 for all info. LogMeIn Pro is $70/yr per computer host. 1.

5-Teamviewer is $749 for a lifetime license. and $139 for each license.
  http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/27332/teamviewer says it's free!
  here is my login for when I am at home: ID 914 893 381 pw 7983
  need to sign up on the website.
  alway 160 084 355  password is set
  Cal 951 647 7151 9826
  mv 915 301 642 mu796x
  commvault 520819975 8040
6-bomgar $5000 for a box that connects to all the servers, maybe a new console
  instead of KVM.

7-Timbuktu  seems to be able to work, but it makes you download it
  and try it before you can see the price.  so I don't like that.

8-GoToMyPC $10 per client per month.  We really only need one. the win 08.