Log in as admin to fasolt-raid.
So select Terminal(VT100 Mode)
It will ask for a password fairly often.
10:56 AMIt's the admin password.
If you make a mistake, the delete key doesn't work (I think).  You may need to use Ctrl-H to backspace/delete.

Go to "view and edit Event logs"
As long as the messages are just about the BBU charging, we can delete these messages.
While the top message is selected, hit return.
When it asks you if you want to delete the messages, say yes.

And that's pretty much it.  Hit Escape to go back to the original menus.

Anyway, after you hit return, then type ~. (tilde-period).
That will end your SSH session.  That's the tricky part.

The ~. thing will only work immediately after you hit return.
For all the other menu items, if you hit return, it will select something and take you to another menu.

That last menu item is the only one where a return doesn't take you to another screen.