Netapp Tricks

a good reference for netapp commands is HERE
  1. log into the netapp server

  2. To check the volumes on the netapp.

  3. >vol status sgd-netapp-1> vol status Volume State Status Options vol0 online raid_dp, flex root, create_ucode=on 64-bit gomine_data online raid_dp, flex create_ucode=on 64-bit vm_images online raid_dp, flex create_ucode=on 64-bit vm_image07 online raid_dp, flex create_ucode=on 64-bit vm_image06 online raid_dp, flex create_ucode=on 64-bit
  4. To set up a volume to be used for mounting:
  5. -vol create -volname- _aggrname- -size- >vol create vm_images aggr0 2t or >vol create vm_image25 aggr0 30g -this creates a volume on the aggr0 with 2 terabytes, this can be resized at anytime!
  6. To resize a volume:
  7. --vol size -volname- [+|-]-size- >vol size vm_image +200g
  8. Once a volme is created and ready you need to update the /etc/exports file:
  9. -Need to mount the /etc/exports file to your desktop, it is easier to edit that way >mount netapp-1:/etc/exports /mnt/export >vi /mnt/export #Auto-generated by setup Tue Nov 29 14:20:26 PST 2011 /vol/vol0 -sec=sys,rw=rocinante:freia-old:yyz:grog,anon=0,nosuid /vol/gomine_data -sec=sys,rw=gomine:celis,anon=0,nosuid /vol/vm_images -sec=sys,rw=sgd-virt:rails,anon=0 /vol/vm_image06 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image07 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image08 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image09 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image10 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image11 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image12 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image13 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image14 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image15 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 /vol/vm_image16 -sec=sys,rw=rails:sgd-virt,anon=0 -add your volume you just created with these permissions. then umount.
  10. Need to run two processes, nfslock and rpcbind and possibly portmap We just need two services running on the host: rpcbind and nfslock Once those are running, then it's just: >sudo mount sgd-netapp-1:/vol/vm_image07 /vm07 >sudo mount sgd-netapp-1:/vol/vm_images /mnt -bash-4.1$ df -k Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg01-rootvol 16513960 2811436 12863664 18% / tmpfs 24704972 0 24704972 0% /dev/shm /dev/sda1 99150 32197 61833 35% /boot /dev/mapper/vg01-datavol 107340832 62805704 39082536 62% /data /dev/mapper/vg02-vm03 309637120 108781464 185127016 38% /vm03 /dev/mapper/vg02-vm02 309637120 14988744 278919736 6% /vm02 sgd-netapp-1:/vol/vm_images/vm07 2040109504 74816 2040034688 1% /vm07 sgd-netapp-1:/vol/vm_images 2040109504 74816 2040034688 1% /mnt