software-group; go-software@lists.stanford.edu

private and public  also need to move these to fafner.stanford.edu/matt so Jason can pick them up.

also need to move the subscribers
/usr/local/mailman/bin/list_members -o /tmp/software-group software-group

remove the old lists:
mailman have a few script that might be useful in /usr/local/mailman/bin:
rmlist remove the list, but by default keep the archive

An example of extracting the list configuration.  This script can also be used to load a configuration with th
e '-i' option.

config_list -o /tmp/software-group.config.txt software-group

So I suggest:
running config_list -o /tmp/software-group.config.txt software-group [for example]
running rmlist software-group
tarring up the list's mbox archive, don't need the individual messages in HTML format
need to register the new lists on a form which I can't remember right now. need to look in email.
Please use the list request form to submit requests for each list name:

here is the go-software list now:
ou can look at the configurations here:


and the subscriber list here:


Here are the lists to migrate:
move-next-->go-discuss (no change)
move-next-->go-managers (no change)
move-next-->go-top => go-directors
move-next-->ontology-editors => go-ontology
move-next-->refgenome.mbox => go-refgenome
move-next-->web-presence-working-group => go-web-presence

go-curator-tracker (no change)
go => go-consortium
go-diff => go-obodiff
gofriends => go-friends
gohelp => go-helpdesk

completed lsits:
software-group => go-software

go -> go-consortium
gohelp -> go-help
gofriends -> go-friends
go-curator-tracker -> go-curator-tracker
go-diff -> go-obodiff

Plus we can create the sgd-helpdesk list.  The archive files for the SGD help are on fafner in ~curator/Mail/y
One for each year since 1993.
-to archive the 2011 for sgd-helpdesk
--> make archives from the files in ~curator/Mail and move them over.

to archive old text files into new .mbox files you have to run
/usr/local/mailman/bin/arch listname path/to/files

then tar them all up and go from there.