Add a cvs account
Log in to meatloaf
change the passwd, shadow and group file.
passwd: add new user
cbonill:x:10019:10019:Carlos Bonilla :/home/cbonill:/bin/cvsh
update the number 19 to 20 and so on
notice that the login is cvsh shell written by admin
change shadow:
cbonill:x:14330:0:99999:7::: (can copy numbers and all change just the name)

add to group:
make sure id number is same!
add to gocvs:
gocvs:*:82:gocvs,cherry,dwight,ball,shuai, etc

make the directories /home/username/.ssh
send email to get the ssh keys generated.
Okay, we have created an account on the server for Carlos.

Carlos, the standard way we manage authentication on this server is using SSH keys.  
We can use regular passwords as well, but using SSH keys is a bit more secure and 
can save you from having to type your password for every CVS operation.  If you 
can send your SSH public key to, we can install the 
key on the server for you and send you some basic instructions to connect to the server.  
If you need assistance creating SSH keys, also email us back at 
and we'll follow up with you at that time.  (If you would really prefer to just use a 
standard password, let us know that and we'll create one for you.)

When receive the ssh key, install it into authorized_keys in .ssh
example : ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAtXNxiQeLVVHZZH ...... dude@theirlaptop
make sure there are no carriage returns, it is all one line.
change the Auth_keys file to owner=username and perm=600
change the .ssh to owner=username and perm=700

tell them to try and test connection:
ssh date  this should give back the server date and time.
if so then it is working, if not then you troubleshoot.