So here is the trick with Gavin's machines.  Conidium and spore are running Solaris 
10 and look a lot like our systems. Hypha is running Solaris 9 and is using our 
old filesystem layout, etc.  It's going to look weird, so I'll lay out a separate 
set of directions for hypha.

General info:
Perl modules can be found at CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.  You can find just about any perl m
odule you need from .

You can usually build a perl module by following these steps:

* Download the module.
* Uncompress/untar the module.
* cd into the newly created directory
* Read the INSTALL and/or README files for special instructions for building the module.

Then run the following commands to actually build the module:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
sudo make install

If you have failures at any of the above step, stop and try to figure out what happened.
The most obvious error will be when a prerequisite module is not already installed.  You'll get an error simil
ar to this:

conidium> perl Makefile.PL 
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Warning: prerequisite Devel::Cover 0.43 not found.

In which case you have to download the prerequisite module, build that one, then 
come back to the first one and trying building it again. Often times the prerequisites have 
their own dependencies (sometimes several), so answering a request for one module 
to be installed can easily turn into 5 or 10 or even 50 prerequisites.

BTW, there is a utility called "cpan" that will download and install modules and their prerequisites.
  I would highly recommend *not* using it.  It's fine for a development environment, 
but I don't trust it in a production environment.  The reason:  you have to run "cpan" as 
root in order to install the perl modules in the default locations.  However, I have seen 
cases where the "make test" step actually overwrites important files as root, which you definitely do not want
  As a rule, I never run any of the steps as root except for "make install", and that is 
impossible to do with the cpan utility, so I never use it.  On the production servers, I always 
install perl modules by hand.

On conidium and spore:
here is how to see what modules are on the server.
>l   l - list all modules
>m   m - select a module
>q   q - quit