Setting up & Updating Stacks

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Dec. 13, 2012
Updating Stacks

*Please ask Brian to install/update any apps/scripts on the CCG UBuntu server*

Stacks updates are downloaded to /home/bsimison/downloads. Stacks installs into /usr/local/bin Stacks overwrites all configuration files and scripts so some need to be edited after each update. The '' script needs to be configured after each update. Lines 43-48 need to be edited as follows:

my $exe_path = "/usr/local/bin/" . ""; my $output_path = "/usr/local/share/stacks/" . "php/export/"; my $url = ""; my $local_host = "localhost"; my $smtp_host = ""; my $from = "bsimison\";

Line 56 should be edited as:

my $email = "bsimison\";

I have created a backup file '' with the proper configuration. Use this file as a reference. Do not rename this file because any updates added to the '' script will be lost. Also, note that the line #s may change from one version to the next.